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Why Choose EssAnalytics?


EssAnalytics understands each business has unique goals, requirements and budgets. Our team is committed to partnering with clients to achieve high-quality business solutions that are on time and on budget with these Oracle Solutions.


We provide financial planning solutions with Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Planning (On-Premise and Cloud), Oracle Essbase with Dodeca, as well as OneStream XF. Our team has successfully implemented multiple planning solutions including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Revenue, Driver Based Workforce planning, resource allocation planning over the last two decades. 


We provide consolidation and close solutions with Hyperion Financial Management  as well as OneStream XF. Since the days of Hyperion Enterprise (late 1990's) our team has successfully implemented multiple consolidation and close solutions. 

Analyzing Data

Rule your company with EPM Implementation strategically built by EssAnalytics reliable services.

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