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Analyzing Data

Financial Consolidation & Close

Close financials faster with  accuracy and insight.

For many organizations, the financial close process involves hundreds of people, processes, and tasks. These processes are repeated monthly, quarterly, and on an annual basis involving numerous disconnected source systems, hard copy reports used for input, and timing inconsistencies for delivering information. 

Accounting and financial resources need quick access to information, delivered in a meaningful, consistent and intuitive solution.  Integration of data across various lines of business bringing harmony and a unified view of the business operations is mission-critical to this complex business function.  

Our team of experts can deliver solutions that: 

Meet your needs without layers of customization 

Reduce your need for customization and automatically calculate all required reporting, rollovers, workflow, KPIs, and more.

Meet global reporting requirements 

Decrease the effort and time to meet IFRS and GAAP requirements with a preconfigured consolidation model. 

Perform complex consolidations 

Increase the accuracy and speed of adjusting entries by leveraging any hierarchy with pre-built consolidation support.  Transition between legal and management reporting hierarchies that may have unique attributes, and calculations. 

Key performance indicators

Use the system purpose-built calculations or easily create ones for business-specific requirements. 

Orchestrate a connected close

Streamline the end-to-end close with automated process monitoring, integration, and workflow capabilities. 

Automate XBRL tagging

Reduce time and increase accuracy by automating XBRL tagging and taxonomies with natural language processing. 

Compliance and transparency

Provide transparency and audit compliance for everything that is perform within the consolidation system. Always see what changes have been made and by whom.  Include supplement data to provide additional perspective and track detailed information. 

Automate Intercompany Eliminations

Reduce the manual effort by using automatic, standard eliminations. 

Contact EssAnalytics to discover how we can improve your confidence in your financial results, increase business insights and save you money!  

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